Saturday, September 13, 2008

RUN to this website....

This is such a great idea....I just love these!!!
I think I'll tell the boys that it's just a fun computer game. When they create their own monsters - I'll order them and put them under the tree for Christmas. My oldest probably won't be all the interested.....but too bad.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

'Bots 'n Hoots

Sometimes I make boyish things just to make sure that I still can. And I have to say, I love this frame! It will be hard to part with.

I'll admit that I'm not usually into cutesy, country-ish, mommy signage type things. I've never placed an order with Lillian Vernon. Know what I mean? It just isn't me. No geese in my kitchen. Anyway, I sort of begrudgingly started this next frame with the idea know.....lets hit all the bases. Lets do a "School Days" frame. Little by little, it grew on me....if I had to have one of these things, I guess I could maybe live with this one.

This next one gets filed under "silly and pointless altered art of the day"
A long time ago I found this little picture frame that doubled as a tiny jewelry box. I thought it was cute because it looked like a tiny dresser....and my room at the time was very shabby chic...and the color (distressed cream. plain. all one color) worked. Well, I found it in the depths of my scrap closet the other day and thought - Hey! Let's make this kitschy and tacky and oddly sort of cute! Great for a 13 year old girl! Lets do it! And here's what happened. You don't know what to think, right? I know. Neither do I!

Well, the boys are asleep and the next LOST dvd is calling from my scrap room. Off to my happy place!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Happiest Place on Earth

Last weekend I went to a wonderful, magical, fantastical event - The Scrapbook Expo. I can tell you that it is truly the happiest event on earth. For me. I love it. I love the anticipation while I'm parking my car. Giddy! I love walking in, empty totes in hand just waiting to be filled. I love the feeling I get while entering the expo with all the other ladies who have stock piled cash behind their husbands backs so that they can drop LOTS and LOTS of money without feeling nervous.
I had a grand time! I missed it last year because it was just before the baby was born and I knew I couldn't be on my (shopping) game in that condition.
Anyway, when my arms were numb from carrying my bags, and my wallet was as light as a feather - I left. But not without some really great finds. I was tempted to lay out my bounty and take a picture of it all....but then I realized it could at some point be labeled "Exhibit A" and decided not to. But here's a couple of frames I made with new paper from SEI. I love them! These will be hard to part with.

Also, I'm not sure if I should make a bunch of things like this and bring them into one of the many local boutique-y type places, or continue to list them on Etsy. I'm just not sure. I think I could probably make more money off of them in a consignment situation, but it's fun to list them on Etsy. It's so exciting when I check my mail and realize that someone has bought something that I made! I feel so honored knowing that out of all the silly little picture frames on Etsy - they choose one of mine.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Birthday Pages

Slowly, but surely - I'm catching up! It's funny...scrapbookers always aspire to be "caught up." When I really think about it, being caught up would be sort of a drag. I like knowing there's always more to scrap. So I guess "the end is in sight" would be a better place to be in scrap wise. Not years behind, not a month away from being caught up.

Anyway, here are the birthday pages. Posting pages with names on them is sort of against my blogging/privacy's hoping "bad people" don't go trolling the craft blogs for their next victims.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Christmas in July

Yeah, I know its August now. But when I finished up all my Christmas pages it was still July! So how the heck are you? I know, I know. I'm a VERY flakey blogger. Part of it is that I'm always waiting to take pictures of things. And then once I get around to taking the pictures - I have to download them. I know - it's just a GIANT effort. Not really - I just find myself saying "Well, I may take more pictures tomorrow. I may as well wait until tomorrow night to download the pictures all at once. And then somehow - tomorrow night never comes. Well the night itself arrives as scheduled - but I don't get around to downloading.

Anyway. Here are a couple of the many holiday pages I finished. My Christmas pages usually leave something to be desired because I'm so uninspired when I do them. Because it's usually JULY when I do them. And in July - I'm not thinking about candy canes, Santa Claus, or the three wise men. In July I'm waiting for two of my beloved little wise-ASSES to go back to school! And school is just around the corner! Amen to that!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Guess what came in the mail today?

Rainbows and sunshine! I'm giddy about this. I can't wait to sit down and look at every single "recipe." This thing is next to impossible to come by right now as it is sold out everywhere...I was lucky enough to find a new one on ebay for $20 which is excellent!

Let the drooling begin.