Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Christmas in July

Yeah, I know its August now. But when I finished up all my Christmas pages it was still July! So how the heck are you? I know, I know. I'm a VERY flakey blogger. Part of it is that I'm always waiting to take pictures of things. And then once I get around to taking the pictures - I have to download them. I know - it's just a GIANT effort. Not really - I just find myself saying "Well, I may take more pictures tomorrow. I may as well wait until tomorrow night to download the pictures all at once. And then somehow - tomorrow night never comes. Well the night itself arrives as scheduled - but I don't get around to downloading.

Anyway. Here are a couple of the many holiday pages I finished. My Christmas pages usually leave something to be desired because I'm so uninspired when I do them. Because it's usually JULY when I do them. And in July - I'm not thinking about candy canes, Santa Claus, or the three wise men. In July I'm waiting for two of my beloved little wise-ASSES to go back to school! And school is just around the corner! Amen to that!

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