Thursday, August 28, 2008

'Bots 'n Hoots

Sometimes I make boyish things just to make sure that I still can. And I have to say, I love this frame! It will be hard to part with.

I'll admit that I'm not usually into cutesy, country-ish, mommy signage type things. I've never placed an order with Lillian Vernon. Know what I mean? It just isn't me. No geese in my kitchen. Anyway, I sort of begrudgingly started this next frame with the idea know.....lets hit all the bases. Lets do a "School Days" frame. Little by little, it grew on me....if I had to have one of these things, I guess I could maybe live with this one.

This next one gets filed under "silly and pointless altered art of the day"
A long time ago I found this little picture frame that doubled as a tiny jewelry box. I thought it was cute because it looked like a tiny dresser....and my room at the time was very shabby chic...and the color (distressed cream. plain. all one color) worked. Well, I found it in the depths of my scrap closet the other day and thought - Hey! Let's make this kitschy and tacky and oddly sort of cute! Great for a 13 year old girl! Lets do it! And here's what happened. You don't know what to think, right? I know. Neither do I!

Well, the boys are asleep and the next LOST dvd is calling from my scrap room. Off to my happy place!

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Jodie said...

I love, love, love your new frames.