Monday, July 7, 2008

Thank you, Netflix

I'm a TV watcher. Once the kids and my early-to-bed husband are asleep, I like to watch shows that I've Tivo'd while I putz around, folding laundry and doing other super exciting things. I don't have a TV in my scrap room....and this sort of sucks. I used to just put my ipod in the sound dock and listened to music while working in there....and sometimes I still do.......but it just isn't the same as the comforting glow of mindless crap playing on a screen in front of me. I finally realized about 6 months ago, that I could plug in our travel DVD player, set it up on my little tool station on my scrap table and watch movies while I work! YAY! So I joined Netflix and have been a happy little crafting hermit ever since. This weekend I watched the last two seasons of Weeds (loved it) and got lots done! So thank you Netflix.....for being the crutch that keeps me crafting well into the night. Two new pages and a collage for my Mom's birthday. Her birthday isn't until Wednesday, but I think it's safe to post the picture anyway as she still needs tech support to find my blogs. Love you Mom.

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