Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The One Picture Layout

I've noticed that there is a definite scrapbooking trend toward showcasing only one photo. Sometimes this just won't work for me. At least 50% of what I scrap is "event" type stuff which tends to yield LOTS of pictures: Birthday parties, trips to the zoo, this type of thing.
In my opinion, scrapping only one photo tends to make the experience more about the art and less about the day, the event, the record-keeping part of it. To be honest - I love that. I'm more about the process of scrapbooking....picking the colors....finding that perfect embellishment.....painting.....stitching...the therapeutic part of it all! It's a great way for me to get out of my head for awhile. Speaking of pages being more for the process - the Thanksgiving LO below is a good example. I love that paper. I love the fall colored flowers. And I wanted an excuse to use them! The picture isn't anything all that special - I don't even know where we were when I took it. I just know that it was around Thanksgiving because of the turkey bib. I wanted a Thanksgiving page for Jack's book. So there you go.

Sometimes I'll have one really great picture (like this one of Nick and the puppy), not a series, and I want to scrap it. For me, this is a pretty simple layout. But it was quick and painless - now I can get this great picture of my handsome son into the book.

More and more....I'm about the overall integrity of the page as opposed to cramming as many pictures in as I can. It all just depends.
It's fun to talk about scrapbooking like it's a very important and meaningful subject matter!

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