Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family Tree Picture Frames

More dollar store finds. I'm telling you. You go in there for gift bags and windex and come out with so much more. Crayons. Chiclets. And these! "Naked" craft frames. So here's (above left) what they looked like when I bought them and here they are - looking much cuter I think.

"The orange never falls far from the tree" frame.
This one is my favorite - "Birds and Blossoms" frame.
This last one turned out a little kitschy - even for me. The "Owl Always Love You" frame. Love that saying though - I brazenly stole it from an adorable owl embroidered pillow I got recently - thanks Jodie!


MamaB said...

Those frames are SO cute!!

mommieN. said...

PLEASE put those frames, or ones like them, on Etsy!

MommaWriter said...

O.K. It's true. I love the Owl Always Love You frame too! : )


Marci-Beth Maple said...

i TOTALLY want one of these too. good gracious, you are an awesome crafter. can you be my best friend?